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Vicki Blazing


Executive Asstistant


John Jensen

Collaborative Pianist

Vicki Blazing has served an integral role as official photographer at Stringwood since she arrived on campus with her violist daughter in 2004. Vicki doubles as executive assistant, keeping her door open for students who need extra help, as a go-to person for art supplies, and transporting students and instruments in her Jeep.

Master collaborative pianist John Jensen hails originally from Southern California and the University of Southern California. He works regularly with the Minnesota Orchestra and the Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra, and is sought after by fine artists in concerts and music festivals across the country. His discography includes solo recordings of classical, jazz, ragtime music, and chamber music with various artists. He received a Grammy nomination, a Stereo Review “Record of Special Merit” award, and a “Record of the Year” citation from the Village Voice. He was a founding member of the Mirecourt Trio.

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